ICS CUBE is internet gateway and unified threat management (UTM) designed to control traffic, monitor Internet connection and guard corporate network against internal and external threats. Graphical user interface provides a single point of control over your corporate network and all its functions.

ICS CUBE is easy to deploy and convenient to use!

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Multifunctional UTM

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ICS CUBE: Unified threat management.

IT security is necessary for a business of any scale. A security breach into corporate IT resources brings losses of time, finance and reputation for the company. We offer the solution that guarantees stability and safety of your network.

ICS CUBE solves most IT-tasks:

  • Monitoring and restriction of employees Internet activity (traffic accounting, access rulesets, mail and instant messaging analysis, graphic reports, authorization settings, Xauth utility);
  • Network security (firewall, antivirus and antispam protection, content filter, fail2ban, web application firewall, attack detector Suricata);
  • Organization of remote offices (VPN, OpenVPN, IPSec-tunnels, proxy);
  • Complex functions for business issue (file-, mail-, web-servers, IP-telephony, DNS, DHCP, jabber).

Advantages of the ICS CUBE:

  • rapid deployment, integration and configuration
  • administration of all services through a single interface
  • no additional software to purchase and manage
  • full documentation, video lessons, personal training and assistance
  • no special staff training required
  • free technical support
  • low TCO

ICS CUBE Demo online allows evaluating its interface and featuring set without installation. 

Send a request to access the Demo online.

  • Internet gateway
  • Firewall
  • Access control
  • Network visibility
  • Preinstalled applications

Internet gateway

Using the powerful features of routing, VPN tunneling and having all the necessary network services on board, ICS CUBE can become a central piece of your corporate network and organize it according to the corporate needs. With ICS CUBE you can connect to multiple internet service providers with a bunch of the common access technologies, build VPN, segment your corporate network space, create DMZ and virtual LANs.


A firewall creates a barrier between your corporate network and Internet. A firewall controls access to the resources of a network through a vast number of interrelated sets of rules. Creation of the rules, which guide firewall operation, is responsibility of a number of other ICS CUBE security modules, such as user control, intrusion prevention system, traffic policing and shaping, virtual private networking.

Access control

With ICS CUBE you are in full control of your corporate network and users. ICS CUBE use a multitude of authentication methods. The flexible access control rules of ICS CUBE can help you create any type of corporate Internet use policy. Organize and identify your users and groups, create all sorts of access rules using URLs, traffic categories, IP-addresses, time, traffic limits, rate limits, etc.

Network visibility

ICS CUBE gives you the complete view of what is going on in the corporate network. Connection monitor is the primary tool for this purpose. It shows a number of connections, connection time, duration, current traffic rate for each user and each destination. This allows the administrator to find network troubles at the first glance.

Preinstalled applications

Following the needs of business, we equipped ICS CUBE with additional services. You can turn them on/off, depending on what is required by your business processes. ICS CUBE can be a smart IP PBX, can store and share user files on the network. ICS CUBE has a powerful mail server ready to serve all corporate users. You can organize the local messaging system with the Jabber server and even host your own web server.

  • Free version
  • Hardware requirement
  • Presentation

Evaluate all ICS CUBE features by installing it in your network for free during 35-days of trial period.

ICS CUBE license is free of charge for micro business and home use. You no need to pay for ICS CUBE if there are less than 10 users in your network! In this case, all ICS CUBE updates and technical support consultation are also free.

ICS CUBE for micro business and home allows to:

  • protect network against viruses;
  • set up network management;
  • create access rights policies;
  • organize file storage;
  • provide parental control;
  • make a secure remote offices.
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