ICS CUBE: Unified threat management.

ICS CUBE is the single solution of the whole set of issues small business network faces when using the Internet. Having Internet security as the primary focus, ICS CUBE is Unified Threat Management (UTM) other vital functions: internet access control and accountability, content filtering, internet gateway, mail server, web server, proxy server, antivirus, file storage and more. Small business firewall integrates with every component of ICS CUBE and graphical user interface provides a single point of control over your corporate network.

ICS CUBE integrates seamlessly in almost every corporate network topology with all sorts of internet access techniques. ICS CUBE is targeted for networks of small and medium companies, up to 3000 of end devices.

ICS CUBE security software is available for download and 35 day testing period for free. Try it, configure for your needs, use our support and buy ICS CUBE if you like it!

  • Internet gateway Internet gateway Internet gateway Internet gateway

    Internet gateway

    ICS CUBE is designed to suit into most existing corporate networks. Using the powerful features of routing, VPN tunneling and having all the necessary network services on board, ICS CUBE can become a central piece of your corporate network and organize it according to corporate needs.

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  • Preinstalled apps Preinstalled apps Preinstalled apps Preinstalled apps

    Preinstalled apps

    ICS CUBE can be a smart VoIP PBX, can store and share user files on the network. ICS CUBE has a powerful mail server ready for use by corporate users. You can organize a local messaging system with Jabber server and even host your own web server!

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  • Access control Access control Access control Access control

    Access control

    ICS CUBE can use a multitude of authentication methods. Extremely flexible access control rules can help you create any type of corporate Internet use policy. Organize and identify your users and groups, create all sorts of rules using URLs, traffic categories, addresses, time, traffic limits, rate limits, etc.

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  • Easy control Easy control Easy control Easy control

    Easy control

    All management is done via web-based protected interface. This interface keeps track of all links between components of ICS CUBE and hides its complexity from the user. You can control remote offices easily from just one ICS CUBE interface, no matter how many ICS CUBEs are installed in remote offices.

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  • Unified Threat Management Unified Threat Management Unified Threat Management Unified Threat Management

    Unified Threat Management

    We have closely integrated network firewall, intrusion protection system, web content filter, flow antivirus, mail antivirus and antispam, web application firewall and data loss protection in ICS CUBE.

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  • Network visibility Network visibility Network visibility Network visibility

    Network visibility

    ICS CUBE has tools for real-time network monitoring and is very flexible as reporting and analysis tool to keep you informed of network present status and statistics. You can use built-in reports or easily construct your own forms.

    List of functions

  • IP Routing. Route traffic between external and a set of internal interfaces, including VLAN and VPN.
  • Web proxy for quicker, more efficient and safe browsing.
  • DNS server to serve your own domains and faster surfing.
  • DHCP server to automate address management on LAN.
  • Windows network integration to import/export users from Active Directory.
  • Tunneling to connect remote offices with IPSEC encryption.
  • Multicast proxy for IPTV and like.
  • Mail server to hold all corporate email onsite.
  • Corporate web server to host your own web.
  • Network storage to keep and share files inside your company.
  • VoIP PBX for flexible voice communications.
  • FTP server to hold and share files.
  • XMPP server for local instant messaging.
  • Jubber (instant messaging) servers, IPSEC traffic protection
  • Active Directory domain controller for your network.
  • ICQ and mail messaging interception to protect corpoare information.
  • Alerts on critical situations, which require immideate attention.
  • VPN server to let your users in from mobile devices and home office.
  • Multiple user authentication types to suit most networks.
  • Users and groups for visual and intuitive management.
  • Traffic policing and shaping.
  • Traffic limits.
  • Traffic categories.
  • Connection number limits.
  • Web filter Kaspersky KWF for safe web browsing.
  • Layer 7 filtering, content filtering with traffic categories, SkyDNS, HTTPS filtering.
  • Traffic quotas and automatic rules linked to quota operations.
  • Web object filtering by category, extension, keywords.
  • Clustering allows to build hight throughput and availability system out of smaller components.
  • Remote office management is done via single ICS CUBE for any number of locations.
  • Hardware resources control to watch pulse of ICS CUBE box.
  • Web console to easily configure complex configurations.
  • Remote assistance by our engineers if needed.
  • Network firewall working in close integration with other components.
  • Intrusion Protection System. IPS.
  • Virtual Private Networking. VPN.
  • Web content filter to allow only content compliant with corporate policy.
  • Flow antivirus to check incoming objects.
  • Mail antivirus to keep incoming mail safe.
  • Antispam to offload morning hours.
  • Data Loss Prevention. DLP.
  • Web application firewall to guard web applications.
  • DMZ to place other corporate resources.
  • Real time traffic monitoring.
  • Flexible reports and statistics on user activity, exceptions and a whole lot of parameters.
  • Netflow integration to collect data from other routers.
  • Statistics by traffic categories.
  • Traffic accounting for internal, external and VPN interfaces.
  • HTTP proxy traffic deep analysis.
  • Convenient standard report forms already built in.
  • Individual tailoring of reports by report constructor tool.

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