A-Real Consulting End-User License Agreement

This license agreement is a legal agreement between the user (individual or legal entity, hereinafter referred to as "USER") and A-Real Consulting Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "COPYRIGHT HOLDER").

Validity of this license agreement applies to the software system "ICS CUBE" in all its configurations, including ICS CUBE Lite, comprising software and any "embedded" or "electronic" documentation (hereinafter referred to as "PRODUCT").

NOTE: PRODUCT installation to USER corporate network constitutes USER consent with terms and conditions of this license agreement.

  1. Exclusive ownership of the PRODUCT belongs to the COPYRIGHT HOLDER. Under certain conditions, the right to use one PRODUCT copy may be delegated to the USER by the COPYRIGHT HOLDER in the form of a license for PRODUCT exploitation.
  2. This license agreement is provided to the USER in electronic format.
  3. The USER accepts the terms and conditions, stated in this license agreement by selecting "Accept license agreement" button in the PRODUCT interface prior to installation procedure.
  4. PRODUCT is an indivisible software system, its software components should not be used separately.
  5. PRODUCT shall be installed by the USER or COPYRIGHT HOLDER or its partners in a single copy for the USER for each instance of license for PRODUCT exploitation.
  6. In order to receive the limited rights (transfer of license) for the PRODUCT exploitation, USER shall settle the certain amount determined by the invoice or execute other terms and conditions stipulated by the COPYRIGHT HOLDER or its partner.
  7. PRODUCT and all its components can be used strictly in accordance with applicable National and International Law.
  8. PRODUCT exploitation means the possibility of PRODUCT usage by certain number of individuals not exceeding the maximum number specified by the transferred license.
  9. USER have a right to create a backup copy of PRODUCT individual software components carried-out by the means of PRODUCT itself, intended for individual use only in order to restore PRODUCT components and information.
  10. This license applies to the updates and addendums to the initial PRODUCT provided by the COPYRIGHT HOLDER or its partners, unless otherwise indicated in the supportive documents accompanying updates and addendums.
  11. It is prohibited to reveal the technology or decompile PRODUCT software except and only to a certain extent of this actions being pointedly permitted by the applicable legislation notwithstanding the limitations of this license agreement.
  12. COPYRIGHT HOLDER has a right to terminate this agreement in case if the USER does not comply with its terms and conditions.
  13. USER will be given a password to a relevant PRODUCT modification intended for system administration through user interface.
  14. Transfer of the password to PRODUCT service interface (operational system) to the USER can be made upon written request from the USER addressed directly to the COPYRIGHT HOLDER. Warranty obligations of the COPYRIGHT HOLDER and its partners in relation to the PRODUCT software components may be voided upon satisfaction of such request.
  15. The USER is entitled to transfer the rights for PRODUCT exploitation to another individual or legal entity under following conditions:
    1. New USER accepts the obligations derived from this Agreement;
    2. Whereby the new USER will be given this Agreement, the PRODUCT and accompanying materials;
    3. In this case the USER will lose his rights for PRODUCT exploitation and, subsequently, this Agreement shall cease to be in force for the USER and shall take effect for the new USER.
  16. COPYRIGHT HOLDER or its partners are not liable for any damages occurred due to the exploitation or inability to use the PRODUCT including but not limited by loss of profits or any financial loss, moral or health injuries.
  17. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of PRODUCT purchase by the USER and is valid for an unlimited period of time unless the USER will transfer the rights for PRODUCT exploitation or will fail to comply with the license terms and conditions.

Revision of 23 October 2018.

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