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ICS CUBE is a single solution to the whole complex of network related needs of a typical small or medium company. Following are ICS CUBE six groups of functions, which are designed to make corporate network well protected, more efficient and easily controlled..

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Unified Threat Management The main goal of ICS CUBE as unified threat management is internet security - keeping your corporate network safe against all sorts of cyber threats. We have closely integrated network firewall, intrusion protection system, web content filter, flow antivirus, mail antivirus and antispam, web application firewall and data loss protection in ICS CUBE. All these components work in accord and are controlled in graphical user interface as a single entity.
Internet gateway ICS CUBE is designed to suit into most existing corporate networks being main internet gateway for them. Using the powerful features of routing, VPN tunneling and having all the necessary network services on board, ICS CUBE can become a central piece of your corporate network and organize it according to corporate needs. With ICS CUBE you can connect to multiple internet service providers with a bunch of common access technologies, build VPN, segment your corporate network space, create DMZ and virtual LANs.
Easy control Managing ICS CUBE is easy despite the huge number of various services it provides. All components are easily controlled via web-based protected interface. This interface keeps track of all links between components of ICS CUBE and hides its complexity from the user. ICS CUBE supports clustering to build robust and efficient network structures and services with low cost equipment. Administering of remote offices can be done from just one ICS CUBE interface, no matter how many ICS CUBEs are installed in remote offices.
Network visibility Being the central piece of the corporate network ICS CUBE gives clients a clear view of what is going on. It has means of in-time monitoring and also has very flexible report and analysis tools to keep administrators informed of network present status and statistics. You can use built in report forms of easily construct your own forms controlling the amount of network visibility you need.
Preinstalled apps Following the needs of small and medium enterprises, we equipped ICS CUBE with additional services and ready to run applications. You can turn them on/off at your will, depending on what preinstalled apps are required by your business. ICS CUBE can be a smart IP PBX, can store and share user files on the network. ICS CUBE has a powerful mail server ready to use for all corporate users. You can organize a local messaging system with Jabber server and even host your own web server!
Internet access control With ICS CUBE you have full internet access control of your corporate servers and users. ICS CUBE can use a multitude of authentication methods. Extremely flexible access control rules can help you create any type of corporate Internet use policy. Organize and identify your users and groups, create all sorts of rules using URLs, traffic categories, addresses, time, traffic limits, rate limits, etc.

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  • Lifetime license
  • Free technical support
  • USB flash installation
  • 35 days for evaluation
  • Video tutorials
  • The development is client-oriented
  • No additional software needed