Network firewall

A firewall creates a barrier between your corporate network and Internet, which you typically do nut trust. A firewall controls access to the resources of a network through a vast number of interrelated rules and rulesets. Creation of the rules, which guide firewall operation is responsibility of a number of other ICS CUBE security modules, such as user control, intrusion prevention system, traffic policing and shaping, data leak prevention, virtual private networking. They all contribute.

Firewall is the centerpiece of ICS CUBE security tools. It controls everything that goes in and out of your network. Using multiple techniques firewall is informed of what traffic may potentially harm your productivity, compromise security and corporate policy and blocks this traffic. ICS CUBE firewall is highly intelligent in filtering at the edge of your corporate network. ICS CUBE firewall provides you with reliable protection, forbidding dangerous, suspicious or simply unwanted traffic from entering your network, works in accord with Intrusion prevention, Data leak prevention, monitors status and health of end nodes.

With ICS CUBE firewall you can be sure, that you computers are safe from viruses, worms and other threats, users are not wasting time and traffic for useless or dangerous Internet browsing and downloading, confidential information is not leaking out of your company into Internet. Additionally it improves network visibility by gathering usage statistics for you, monitoring application traffic flows, rate policing and providing quality of service to business vital traffic and applications.

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