Intrusion prevention system monitors all network activity, detects intrusion attempts or security breach attempts and promptly reacts to them by blocking unwanted activities and alerting the administrator. IPS can also defragment IP packets, reorder TCP segment to guard against packets with tempered sequence and acknowledgement numbers.

Intrusion prevention system of ICS CUBE operates in accord with firewall. IPS keeps alert to network attacks targeting various services, attacks meant to elevate users access rights beyond necessary limits. IPS also fights off unauthorized file access attempts and other types of dangerous software accidentally of persistently targeting your corporate network, computers and servers.

Intrusion prevention system in ICS CUBE communicates with firewall to promptly block suspicious or known to be dangerous traffic. IPS also produces detailed reports on possible attacks and breach attempts, providing you with traces for further incident response actions.

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  • Lifetime license
  • Free technical support
  • USB flash installation
  • 35 days for evaluation
  • Video tutorials
  • The development is client-oriented
  • No additional software needed