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Access control

With ICS CUBE you are in full control of your corporate network and users. ICS CUBE can use a multitude of authentication methods. The extremely flexible access control rules of ICS CUBE can help you create any type of corporate Internet use policy. Organize and identify your users and groups, create all sorts of rules using URLs, traffic categories, addresses, time, traffic limits, rate limits, etc.

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User authentication

ICS CUBE is very flexible in dealing with access controls and policies. It can use multiple authentication methods to better fit your corporate environment: by IP or MAC address, by user/password pair, web authentication, Active directory/LDAP, authentication agent, which also serves for monitoring end nodes for better security

Authentication types

multiple auth methods

User and group management

All humans and special users, such as certain servers form a tree of users and groups. The users are the centerpiece of ICS CUBE configuration logics. Journaling, statistical calculations, alarms are linked to the users. ICS CUBE can set and enforce a whole lot of policies upon users and groups defining their access rights at any detail level. Smaller entity's rights (a user) override the rights assigned to a larger entity (a group, this user is a member of). Here is the construction set:
Objects: users, groups, IP addresses, port numbers, protocols, URLs.
Actions: allow, block, log, limit rate, taq QoS, conditional route, route via certain ISP, show warning, redirect to another URL, limit number of sessions.
Conditions: traffic classes, time and date, quota status, object type and size, keywords, file signatures.

user management

group management

Network traffic control

ICS CUBE allows you to configure traffic policing and shaping to let the vital quality sensitive traffic, for example VoIP, in first. Traffic from not important resources can be rate limited if not blocked altogether. You can also limit the rate of access of a particular user to any resource.

Network traffic control

Traffic limits

ICS CUBE access rules allow you to limit the total amount of traffic allowed per user or group in a certain amount of time. Use traffic quotas to do so.

Traffic limits

Traffic classes

ICS CUBE uses software module developed by our partners – Kaspersky Labs to categorize incoming traffic. It has over 70 traffic classes, blocks 7+ million phishing and dangerous resources, allows for parental control.

Traffic classes

Network connection limits

Sometimes it is necessary to limit the number of connections a particular user or a computer can open. This need may arise in case of a user launching some peer-to-peer programs, which you don’t plan to block, but want to keep at bay. Other examples include malware opening numerous connections. ICS CUBE lets you impose a limit on a number of open connections, thus limiting the load on the network and retarding spread of malware.

Network connection limits

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