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Easy control

Managing ICS CUBE is easy despite the huge number of various services it provides. All management is done via the web-based protected interface. This interface keeps track of all links between components of ICS CUBE and hides its complexity from the user. ICS CUBE supports clustering to build robust and efficient network structures and services with low cost equipment. Administrating of remote offices is easily done from just one ICS CUBE interface, no matter how many ICS CUBEs are installed in remote offices.

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High availability cluster

The clustering option is an efficient way to increase throughput and reliability of ICS CUBE solution. Parallel processing of traffic is enabled when you use Active-Active mode. To increase reliability select Active-Backup mode, when one ICS CUBE is designated as active and others are backups. Active-Active mode also boosts reliability up.

Clustering means synchronization of all configuration and operation data among several ICS CUBE servers participating in the cluster. You can manage the settings from any of the cluster member interfaces. Before activating the cluster option make sure all ICS CUBE servers you are planning to include in the cluster share a single L2 network, preferably connected by a separate network card.

All clustered ICS CUBE servers are united into a virtual group (VHID) with its virtual IP address to be used as the default router address on LAN computers.

Remote office management

In case you have to manage several remote offices, ICS CUBE has the remote management option, when you control all of ICS CUBE servers located in remote offices from single ICS CUBE. In this case all ICS CUBE servers will have separate configuration settings and operation data, all accessible to you from one convenient interface.

remote office management

Hardware resources control

To keep its own operations secure ICS CUBE keeps on monitoring its own hardware resources, CPU loads, available RAM, network interface loads and utilization, alarm signals. These and many other parameters are displayed as graphs and are logged for future reference.

ICS CUBE hardware control

Web console

ICS CUBE is managed via the ergonomic graphical user interface. It is web based and can be accessed via an ordinary web browser on a desktop or a mobile device. The interface is protected to disallow illegal access. The web dashboard of ICS CUBE is a set of widgets, which displays system characteristics and guide your way into deeper settings.

web management

Remote assistance

If required you can order remote support of your ICS CUBE by our technical support team. To do so you need to negotiate with A-Real support team and open the SSH access to your ICS CUBE.

remote assistance

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