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Internet gateway

ICS CUBE is designed to suit into most existing corporate networks as a multipurpose internet gateway. Using the powerful features of routing, VPN tunneling and having all the necessary network services on board, ICS CUBE can become a central piece of your corporate network and organize it according to the corporate needs. With ICS CUBE you can connect to multiple internet service providers with a bunch of the common access technologies, build VPN, segment your corporate network space, create DMZ and virtual LANs.

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LAN Routing

Routing IP packets from the source to the destination is the main task of any internet router, no matter if is is a SOHO router, small business router or an enterprise router. To make ICS CUBE route packets between your corporate LAN and the Internet you need to designate its physical Ethernet or virtual (VLAN) interfaces to various network segments and the outside Internet. Being extremely flexible in networking ICS CUBE can also use the IPIP and GRE tunnels to connect to and route the traffic to your remote offices via the VPN (IPSEC). Being a CPE router ICS CUBE can link to Internet service providers using a plethora of protocols, like PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE, VLAN, and 3G, WiFi as the access medium. ICS CUBE can operate with several ISPs simultaneously, perform network address translation, port translation (NAT-PT) and much more.

Web proxy

Like network firewall, the web proxy server is one of the central mechanisms of ICS CUBE UTM. All HTTP traffic passes through the proxy server. The proxy provides object caching to increase network utilization, creates reports and statistics, giving you the complete view of user web activity, feeds traffic to various security inspection engines to safeguard your users against web based cyber threats and social engineering attacks.
Using the ICS CUBE web proxy server you can set up rules for the web access differentiated by user, group, object type, URL, category of site and its reputation, time, etc., effectively enforcing corporate policies.
With the ICS CUBE proxy server, you can also use proxy user authentication and filter HTTPS traffic with setting your root certificate.

DNS server

Host domains on your own DNS server. You can set up multiple DNS zones, for direct and reverse, primary and secondary in any combination and number. In case ICS CUBE is part of the Active Directory tree, ICS CUBE can use your domain controller as the primary DNS server, and/or query your ISP DNS.


DHCP server

The DHCP server allows you to dynamically and automatically assign IP addresses and network settings to computers in a corporate LAN to avoid the manual routine.


Windows network integration

ICS CUBE can be tightly integrated in the Microsoft Windows networking environment of your company. It can perform data exchange and resource access using the SMB protocol. ICS CUBE can operate in the Windows domain environment, by joining the domain controller or the Windows HomeGroup. When joining the Windows domain, ICS CUBE will import users from your domain controller, so that you don't have to create redundant records.


The tunnels are the best way to interconnect your remote offices. ICS CUBE will create IPIP or GRE tunnels forming your virtual private network (VPN), which is always under your control. These tunnels and all your data travelling inside the tunnels can be securely protected by IPSEC encryption mechanisms to ensure that no eavesdropping or tampering occurs to your information in transit. /p>


Multicast proxy

Multicast proxy

In case you want to watch Internet television (IP-TV) programs, ICS CUBE has the multicast proxy, enabling connecting any computer, a set-top-box or a program in corporate LAN or at home to your IP-TV operator channels.

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