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Network Visibility

Being the central piece of corporate network ICS CUBE gives an administrator a clear view of what is going on. It has means of in-time monitoring and also has very flexible report and analysis tools to keep tech staff informed of network present status and statistics. You can use built in report forms of easily construct your own forms.

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Internet traffic monitoring

ICS CUBE gives you the complete view of what is going on in the corporate network. Connection monitor is the primary tool for this purpose. It shows a number of connections, duration, volume transferred, current traffic rate for each user and each destination. This allows the administrator to find network troubles, should any occur, at the first glance.

Internet traffic monitoring

Internet traffic analysis

The reports are very important part of ICS CUBE. It is equipped with a number of pre-configured report forms, however you can use its report construction tool to build your personalized report forms. Pre-configured reports include: overall report with graphs on total traffic, protocols, sources and top users.
The personal report for each user includes timing, addresses and domains visited, protocols used and types of objects downloaded.
The user activity report shows the timeline of user site access and search engine queries.
Also a number of ratings are available: top user traffic consumers, top addresses and domains visited, top users with their site visits.
All these standard reports give you the insight of you corporate users and their activities. In case these standard reports are not enough, you can construct a report form you with using the report builder.

Internet traffic analysis

Reports and analysis

Netflow integration

In case the routing of network traffic is done by a third party router supporting Netflow protocol, ICS CUBE can obtain the network statistics from this third party equipment and process it as locally obtained.

netflow integration

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