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Preinstalled applications

Following the needs of SMEs, we equipped ICS CUBE with additional services and ready to run applications. You can turn them on/off, depending on what is really required by your business processes. ICS CUBE can be a smart IP PBX, can store and share user files on the network. ICS CUBE has a powerful mail server ready to serve all corporate users. You can organize the local messaging system with the Jabber server and even host your own web server!

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Mail server

Powerful mail server is one of the ICS CUBE components. It allows sending and receiving your corporate mail, define your corporate rules of mail processing with automatic mail filters. Mail system of ICS CUBE can collect mail from external servers, serving as the mail aggregator for your company. It allows access via standard client protocols and software and also has its own web interface, to be accessed without any additional software. You can import address lists from an external LDAP server. And naturally, the ICS CUBE mail system performs thorough mail analysis securing you from mail viruses, phishing content, SPAM and data leaks.

mail server

Local web server

ICS CUBE has a ready to run web server, should you choose to host your corporate web resources locally. It has all necessary tools and options for that. Not just one, but a multitude of virtual web servers can be hosted on ICS CUBE, each with its own database engine, logging and scripting possibilities.

local web server

Network storage

ICS CUBE can function as a network attached storage with personalized space for each user. Users can upload, manage and share files via the Windows network, web service and FTP access.

network storage

Small business VoIP

The corporate telephone PBX on ICS CUBE has all features a SME typically requires: assigning users with the telephone extension numbers, rule based call forwarding, phone groups, conference calls, voice mail, IVR, call, FAX to PDF converter. To link with the outer world you need a phone operator company offering you SIP or IAX service. Call logs are available for the ICS CUBE administrator.

small business VoIP

FTP server

The FTP server is a simple and ubiquitous way to share files over the Internet for business or technical purpose. The file sharing and storing capabilities of ICS CUBE are not limited only by the FTP protocol.

FTP server

XMPP server

XMPP server

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