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Remote management

Remote management module allows controlling several ICS CUBEs from interface of one of them. The ICS CUBE from which management is performed is called central server while the others are called branch server.

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The following example illustrates the setup process.

In order to create setup as shown in the figure one needs to select Central mode on ICS CUBE with IP address To do so use the web interface: Network → Remote management → Use as … → Central server → Save.

ICS CUBEs with IP addresses and should be set in branch server mode in interface: Network → Remote management → Usa as … → Branch server → in the field of IP address of central server enter → Save

When connecting to the central server you will be prompted for login/password pair of any user on the central server ICS CUBE with administrator privilege. By default administrator has login root and password 00000 (five zeroes). When in branch server mode ICS CUBE is designated unique ID in format node-XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is random string.

From the central server ICS CUBE you can observe a list of connected branch server ICS CUBEs: Network → Remote management → Nodes

In order to control any branch server click it’s ID in Network → Remote management → Nodes in central server’s interface.

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