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ICS CUBE against DDoS attacks and all sorts of cyber threats.

Kaspersky's latest Lab Report has revealed that during the first half of 2018, IoT devices were attacked with more than 120,000 modifications of malware, which is more than triple the amount of IoT malware seen throughout 2017.

The statistics also show that the most popular method of IoT malware propagation is still the brute force of passwords, or repetitive attempts at various password combinations.

The intrusion prevention system of ICS CUBE operates in accord with its firewall. IPS keeps alert to network attacks, which are targeting various services, attacks meant to elevate a user’s access rights beyond necessary limits. IPS is also fighting off unauthorized file access attempts and other types of dangerous software accidentally or persistently targeting your corporate network, computers and servers.

To reduce the risk of infection, users of IoT devices are advised to:

  • Install updates for firmware used as soon as possible. Once a vulnerability is found, it can be fixed through patches within updates.
  • Always change preinstalled passwords. Use complicated passwords that include both capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Use solutions such as ICS CUBE to check network for vulnerabilities and infections. The free fully functional version ICS CUBE is available for 35 days.
  • Reboot a device as soon as it begins acting strangely. It might help get rid of existing malware.

The intrusion prevention system in ICS CUBE communicates with the firewall to promptly block suspicious or known to be dangerous traffic. The IPS also produces detailed reports on possible attacks and breach attempts, providing you with traces for further incident response actions.

The main goal of ICS CUBE as unified threat management is keeping your corporate network safe against all kinds of cyber threats.

Download and start using ICS CUBE for FREE, purchase in 35 days.

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