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ICS CUBE version 6: Funny Fennec Fox.

At the end of November development department of our company realised new version of ICS CUBE. And by the company’s tradition for every release we invent a special character and name it. Programs serial number is 6 and “F” is sixth letter of the alphabet. So, we are glad to present - Funny Fennec Fox - new version of ICS CUBE!

What’s new?

Overall improvements.

  • The system kernel has been updated to FreeBSD 11.2.
  • To enhance IPsec security, the outdated racoon service has been replaced by strongswan. The ability to connect the ICS CUBE by tunnel with different services will be enhanced.
  • Web and SMS user authorization modules are replaced with a common module - Captive Portal.
  • Captive Portal module gets added support for the SMPP protocol for sending SMS messages.
  • Attack Detection now works in IPS mode. Unlike the previously used IDS mode, which only signaled an attack, now the system can respond to it independently in real time, blocking packets coming from the attacking host.
  • To increase security, authorization in the Remote Control module now uses certificates, instead of login/password pair.
  • Operations in the ZFS file system have been optimized. It makes file operations more robust and and speeds the things up.

Mail server improvements.

  • For increased security, webmail now uses HTTPS. This allows users to work with webmail using a secure protocol.
  • Roundcube updated to version 1.3.7. The webmail interface has been updated to the latest version, which ensures the most stable and comfortable work in it.
  • The option to encrypt emails using PGP has been added to roundcube. This provides additional security in working with mail.
  • To increase the security of email, the ability to enable forced encryption of connections has been added to the settings. This provides stronger security in working with mail.

Voice over IP/PBX improvements.

  • Added support for video calls.
  • To enhance security, we have added support for SIP over TLS and SRTP - enabling encryption of signaling and voice packets for VoIP. This is to provide additional calling security.

Web interface improvements.

  • Completed web interface update.
  • Added MAC address to user export. Now, instead of manually adding users with authorization by mac-addresses, you can import them from a file.

If you have any questions or issues with installing the ICS CUBE 6, our technical support will be happy to help you!

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