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New release. ICS CUBE version 7: Galactic Guardian Goose.

Шлюз безопасности ИКС 7

By the company’s good tradition for every release we invent a special mascotte and name it with the letter corresponding to the serial number of the ICS CUBE version. Here are some of previous ICS CUBE mascottes: mammoth viking named Eric the Epic Elephant (ICS CUBE version 4), kind and fairy Funny Fennec Fox for ICS CUBE version 6. After collective discussions we’ve decided that Galactic Guardian Goose will a mascotte for new ICS CUBE version!

We had not even imagined that Untitled Goose Game would have become the most popular game in social networks and Goose character would have become mainstream.

Meanwhile as the Goose from the game is bullying provincial British folk, the Galactic Guardian Goose with BFG is ready to secure corporate networks against threats.


In addition to massive updates of ICS CUBE modules and services, we refined the program interface and eliminated all of the shortcomings of previous versions. And of course there are some new tasty features:

Advanced xauth functionality

The utility is now capable of:

  • Users authorization. Three levels authorization (checks in series IP-address, domain, login / password) which allows ICS CUBE to thoroughly identify and control connections.
  • Monitoring active application via web-interface. Admin is able to monitor the status of each user Internet connections and block it with Application Firewall in accordance with company policies.

Xauth utility is available for downloading under the link “Authorization program” in ICS CUBE web-interface entrance window. After that you will need to run it on user PCs (domain policies can be used).

Application Firewall (realized via layer7-filtration)

Allows to block incoming traffic of web application based using nDPI library (over 250 categories of threats for various protocols) or through Xauth utility.

Via Application Firewall sysadmin can limit access to Internet appliances that distract employees from the work or overload the corporate network.

This feature is in pre-alpha testing mode. We will be glad to get feedback about it. Please contact us: support@icscube.com

IP-telephony (VoIP)

  • Conference module with video call support has been added to ICS CUBE 7. Enter with password, notification about number of participants, ability to appoint conference administrators, DTMF-menu and etc.
  • Web-softphone Xphone has been added to VoIP subsystem. Users can now make calls through web-browser and create a video conferences inside the local network (with no need to install additional software or equipment.
  • Chan-pjsip is now used as a channel driver used for SIP functionality.


Service setting has become more flexible. They now include an ability of permanent ban, separation of blocked IP-addresses by services to which there were attempts to connect, protection option for VPN-server was also added.

Hope that the Galactic Guardian Goose will attract no less attention and interest than a nameless and impudent bird, which pesters its neighbors.Till ICS CUBE guard your corporate network and control of users activity you will find time to enjoy the game. :)

P.s: Our company has ambitious plans for the future (shh, it’s a secret now) but for their realization we’ve added anonymous collection of statistics about running services and features of server that is using ICS CUBE. You are able to turn it off explicitly in commercial version of program, but we will be grateful if you keep it active.

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