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ICS CUBE installation

In addition to installing from the CD-ROM, ICS CUBE allows you to burn an image to a flash drive and install from it.

Download pdf for reference Documentation


  1. Make sure you have a suitable computer at your disposal. The necessary tech characteristics are listed under “hardware requirements” tab on the product page. This computer has to be equipped with two network interfaces, one of which will be designated to be external and will connect to Internet provider equipment, the other one will plug into your LAN.

  2. Hardware requirement for ICS CUBE

    10-50 users Intel Celeron N3150 2.16GHz 320 Gb SATA 4 Gb
    50-150 users Intel Core i3 3240 Processor 2-Cores, 3.40GHz 500 Gb SATA 8 Gb
    >150 users Intel Core I7 3.06Ghz 1 Tb 16 Gb
  3. Make full backup of the data on the target computer, because all data on the hard drive will be completely overwritten during ICS CUBE installation.
  4. Download the free trial ICS CUBE security software. When downloading select either ISO image (see step 4A) or bootable USB flash image (see step 4B).
  5. A) Using any appropriate software burn the ISO image (for instance – free tools: InfraRecord, CDRTools) onto a CD-R/CD-RW. This will give you bootable installation media. Select CD drive as boot device in the BIOS.
  6. B) Using any appropriate software (we recommend free open source Rufus) prepare bootable USB flash drive. Select USB Flash as boot device in BIOS.
  7. Boot the computer from the bootable media and follow step-by-step instructions appearing on the screen. The installation process is automatic. It will only ask you a few questions, like: preferred language, designation of network interfaces, IP address and mask of LAN-designated interface.
  8. Make sure you connected the LAN designated interface into your LAN. After the installation is complete, enter ICS CUBE web interface. Go to URL http://ip-address-of-ICS-CUBE:81, where “ip-address-of-ICS-CUBE” is the IP address you’ve assigned to LAN interface of ICS CUBE, in a web browser on any LAN computer. For initial login to web interface use username «root» and password «00000» (five zeros). Don’t forget to change the administrative password afterwards.

Prices are in US Dollars


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  • Lifetime license
  • Free technical support
  • USB flash installation
  • 35 days for evaluation
  • Video tutorials
  • The development is client-oriented
  • No additional software needed