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Video lessons about ICS CUBE settings and configuration of basic features.

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ICS CUBE installation.

ICS CUBE is internet gateway and UTM designed to control traffic, monitor Internet connection and guard corporate network against internal and external threats. ICS CUBE is single solution to the whole complex of network related needs of a typical SME.

ICS CUBE activation.

The system activation process can be performed through the About tab in the Maintenance module. You can activate server after buying the license, or you can use ICS CUBE Lite.

New serial number and hash are generating after each system installation!

ICS CUBE initial setting.

Let's talk about ICS CUBE initial setting. System Setup Wizard is the first what you will see after entering ICS CUBE web-interface. Here you can change info about organisation, name of the system, login and password for ICS CUBE administrator...

Users in ICS CUBE.

User is the smallest object of ICS CUBE configuration, policy application, statistics detailing and traffic accounting. After having been added, the user gains access to the Internet according his authorization type and access policies.

In the last video lesson we have considered one of of the methods of adding users to ICS CUBE and now we will continue with more elaborate descriptions.

Statistics in ICS CUBE.

Being the central piece of the corporate network ICS CUBE gives clients a clear view of what is going on. It has means of in-time monitoring and also has very flexible report and analysis tools to keep administrators informed of network present status and statistics. There are a several forms of statistics in ICS CUBE. Consider each of them in more detail.

HTTPS filtering in ICS CUBE

ICS CUBE is equipped with advanced web content filtering tools which safeguard your network against cyber threats and human errors and social engineering attempts. There are a few steps to turn on HTTPS-traffic filtering.

File server in ICS CUBE.

Safe file exchange for corporate users. Intranet or protected virtual internet web server for clients.

Let's talk about types of file server settings in ICS CUBE.

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